Entry-Level Sponsor Products/Benefits


If you're reading this, we’ve concluded you meet the qualifications to be an entry-level sponsor. Entry-level sponsor benefits are listed below:

1. First, you will receive a package called the "Exclusive Bundle”, pictured here that includes everything you need to represent the brand. It will be only be $25 (£17, €20) for you.

2. Your Exclusive Bundle comes with a free monthly t-shirt subscription, which sends you a code every month for 4 years that makes a select t-shirt on our website $0.

3. You will receive a code with your Exclusive Bundle that grants you 70% off store-wide to use on future orders. (unlimited uses)

4. You will get a shoutout on one of our Instagram accounts which have over 500,000 followers combined.

5. You get a smartwatch that has tons of features to compliment your active lifestyle, checkout the smartwatch here

5. You get a fisheye lens for your phone so you can get better footage.

6. We can repost your edits on our YouTube channel

7. You will be featured on our website www.proteusco.com

8. You get Proteusco stickers

See complete details here. Ultimately being an entry-level sponsor for Proteusco will grant you apparel and accessories to represent us. Recognition on social media. Plus long-term benefits such as 70% off our apparel, features on our social media, and the monthly t-shirt program gives you a code at the end of each month that makes a $30 t-shirt $0. Over 4 years, that’s 48 t-shirts worth a total of $1,440. Email us back if you’d be interested and we’ll send instructions to begin. Thanks, we look forward to your response.