Entry-Level Sponsorship Information

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Entry-Level Sponsorship Overview

As a company, we like to help athletes/photographers who show interest in our brand. Although sponsorships vary depending upon the individual, all our sponsorships are obligation-free. Our sponsorships do not guarantee fame on social media or being paid. However we are committed to providing sponsors the best discounts and deals on our apparel. Below is a general overview for being entry-level sponsored by Proteusco Clothing.

What We Expect From You

As we stated, our sponsorships are obligation-free. All we expect from sponsors is to wear our apparel in public and tell your peers about the company. You can also put our link, www.proteusco.com in your social media bio. You can tag us in photos that you post. You can email us photos to use on our social media pages. Anything that represent or helps the brand in positive manner is encouraged.

Overview of Benefits Included:

Directions to Get Your Shoutout/Featured on www.proteusco.com

-First of all, we ask for your patience when it comes to shouts out. Our social media accounts have scheduled posts and your photo may not be posted right away.

-In order to receive your shoutout that we guarantee you must place your order of the  "Proteusco Bundle " which marks the beginning of the sponsorship

-You must be wearing Proteusco apparel in your photo 

-Your Instagram account must be on public for us to see the photo

-Post your photo on Instagram and use the hashtag #proteusteam in the caption of the photo.

-When we repost your photo it will also show up here on our website

70% Storewide Discount Code

-Your Proteus Bundle will include a code that allows you to get 70% off our products storewide

-To use the code, simply select the product you'd like, and upon checkout enter the code you were given in the discount box and it will take 70% off your total

Free Monthly Tee Subscription

-Your Proteusco Bundle will come with instructions on how to receive a code that makes a select t-shirt on our website $0. You must follow the instructions that come inside your Exclusive Bundle to receive the monthly offer

-What we do is email you a code on the last day of each month that makes a select t-shirt $0

-If you don't want the t-shirt, you don't have to order it.

 *standard shipping rates apply*

 Posting on our YouTube Channel

-Upload the edit to your YouTube channel and send us the link so we can download it

-We ask that edits be high quality and include our apparel in them


-All benefits listed above last 4 years or until the company ceases to exist


Thank You, Sincerely Proteusco Clothing.